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  • citizens looking for a carpooling ride, to share car journey  among privates on the same route.
  • public administrations promoting sustainable mobility
  • carpooling website managers wishing to increase the visibility of their offer
  • in general, website managers interested in the use of carpooling



Carpooling hub is a prototype by CSI-Piemonte, co-funded by the OPTICITIES EU research project, developed in collaboration with iMpronta.


To disseminate the use of carpooling, to promote sustainable mobility and reduce transport costs.

How it works

Carpooling hub is designed for aggregating data from different carpooling sites to make car rides offer and demand among privates meet.
Through Carpooling hub it is possible to find with a single search, the most appropriate travel solution among the many ride offers proposed on different carpooling sites, without consulting them one by one, also specifying a selected time frame and distance from the point of departure and arrival.
The Carpooling hub can be consulted by PC, tablet and smartphone.


  • citizens: it simplifies and speeds up the search for a ride on a private car.
  • public administrations: it offers, for free, the possibility to promote carpooling within their territory, complying with transparency and competition regulations. It is sufficient to include the Carpooling hub widget on the institutional website or on sites dedicated to tourism, transport and sustainable mobility.
  • carpooling website managers: the Carpooling hub is a ‘shop window’ that offers greater visibility to the ride offers of the single website.
  • website managers: universities, businesses, event organisers, bloggers can all promote the use of carpooling including the free widget in their site.


Carpooling hub uses the data voluntarily provided by carpooling website managers. To access the details of each single proposed solution, users are redirected to the carpooling site on which the ride offer is published.
Carpooling hub is not responsible for the content in the car pooling portals that participate in the project, nor for eventual interruptions or malfunctioning of the portals. Carpooling hub declines all responsibility for mistakes or damages that may occur using the proposed solutions. Please, notify us in case of eventual anomalies, as we aim to improve the service.

Add a ride

If you want to share a ride on your ride, enter the information on your ride in one of the services that participate in Carpooling hub:

Your ride will appear among the Carpooling hub search results.

Request the free widget

A widget and some web buttons were developed, and they are freely usable by public administrations and professionals that want to promote the use of carpooling as a sustainable transport mode.

From the service click on the button at the top right "copy the widget and insert it on your site".

Are you a carpooling website manager?

All the car pooling website managers can freely join the initiative to increase the visibility of their portal.

For further information, please contact assistenza.trasporti@csi.it




For further information or remarks, please contact assistenza.trasporti@csi.it